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Founded in 2012, OP Talent Management have been connecting the biggest and best social talent with the world's top brands for over a decade.

With alumni that includes the likes of KSI, Ali-A, Jelly and the Sidemen, OP have been responsible for the execution of everything from best selling books, high quality original programming, unique live shows, groundbreaking boxing events and innovative merchandise ranges - all centred around the top tier talent that we pride ourselves on working with.

As one of the first talent-focused influencer agencies in the UK, our goal is to continue to pioneer and harness the power of social talent.


Thanks to a long history of delivering success for our clients, OP have the experience, expertise and means to assist across all forms of social talent activations, including ...

01 - Seamlessly integrate YOUR BRAND within CONtENT

We can align your brand with the most suitable talent on our roster and help sculpt a campaign around your goals, be that by advising on which platform to activate on, the content of the activation or the timings of release.

Options include everything from dedicated YouTube videos centred around brand messaging to Instagram Story sets covering a concise list of talking points, all the way through to TikToks extending brand campaigns to a new audience in a creative manner.

Over the years we’ve worked on thousands of brand awareness projects and pride ourselves on the results that we’ve achieved by assisting brands in the curation and execution of these activities.

02 - amplify your content through talent influence

Above and beyond basic social activity on our talent’s own channels, a number of our talented group of influencers boast exceptional presenting skills and are open to appearing on third party social media channels under a more produced environment.

By shooting content with talent in person you, as a brand, get more control of the environment and their messaging and, in turn, they can share any content made on their own channels, too, to add to the authenticity of the collaboration and further boost engagement on your brand’s social channels.

03 - Create long lasting brand partnerships

To truly align your brand to an influencer and activate with them on a regular basis, a longer term ambassador role might be the best option.

By committing to a more involved partnership, you get the opportunity to become synonymous with the talent and enhance your reputation amongst their community by showing your support for their favourite creator.

Longer term deals are completely negotiable and open for discussion, depending on the brand and talent that you want to align with.

04 - further immerse your audience through Live events

Live influencer events offer a unique set of experiential brand opportunities and the chance to form a connection to an influencer’s community that few other activation styles can offer.

Be it through branding a YouTube boxing star’s shorts and featuring at the front and centre of news articles around the globe for weeks, months and years following or integrating within a live theatre show and highlighting a true appreciation to the talent at the front and centre of it.

As the brains behind a number of the most watched YouTube sporting events and live shows, including KSI v Logan 2 and The Dan TDM Show, we’re also well placed to help develop and bring influencer shows to life from scratch.

05 - create and develop BESPOKE BRANds

If you’re an influencer looking to level up your merchandise output or you have a burning desire to launch a certain product or service and can’t do it yourself, we’re here to help.

We have several years of experience of launching hugely successful talent owned businesses across the genres of clothing, toys, books, food and more, selling through talent-owned websites or major 3rd party retailers, both online and in-store.

No business idea is too big!

06 - crossing over to Traditional media

Thanks to a rich history of working alongside major TV production companies, we’re exceptionally well connected to the world of Mainstream TV + Non-Linear Streaming Services and regularly pitch our clients for the latest and greatest mainstream shows before they’ve even been commissioned.

In addition, our connections not just across TV, but in Film, Music, Radio and Print, too, have allowed us to further enhance our talent’s already sizeable reputations by introducing them to an audience that they might not have the opportunity to talk to without some assistance.


If you're a brand looking to work with one of the influencers listed in our Talent section, an influencer looking for representation or just want to find out more about OP Talent Management as a business, we'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as we can


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